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New To Recording?

Experience how our team uses an “artist first development” approach when you step into the lab.

Need to Mix & Master?

Allow us to polish your music to industry grade: radio and broadcasting.

Looking for an Event Space?

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We are confident that your artistry is in capable hands with us.  Don’t hesitate to connect with us!

Podcasting Services

BHS offers space for you and your team to share your ideas with the rest of the world. 


Take advantage of our state of the art equipment to ensure the best sound for your audience.

Audio / Video

Just show up with your energy and allow our team handle the entire process!

Service Packages

Elevate Your Studio Sound

• Choose a BrickHouse engineer to mix a song and/or entire project. 

• Choose BrickHouse engineer to master a song and/or entire project  ​

Elevate Your Live Sound

• Receive vocal lessons from BrickHouse vocal coaches.

• Receive piano lessons from the BrickHouse team.

• Integrate live instruments in song(s) /project(s)

• Select background vocal support (i.e. small or large choir) on a song(s)/project(s).


A Room is like a “galactic” zone for you to musically travel & imagine with no limitations. 


B Room

Our radio room is an intimate & comfortable space with bright lights that creates the best atmosphere for you to tell your story to the world.



Our loft is spacious with natural lighting ready to accommodate

your event needs. This includes but not limited to: photo shoots, listening

sessions, album release parties, video shoots, intimate catered dinners, 

and business meetings.